The Importance of Being Honest

A unilateral measure carried out by 888 was recently exposed and made public by Affiliate Guard Dog and APCW. The Afiliatte Guard Dog is a website dedicated to protecting the interests of affiliates, on July 7 reported that 888 changed the terms and conditions of its website, thus affecting the agreement with the webmasters.

For its part, APCW reported on what happened using a video that aired on July 18th. After two weeks of silence about what happened, on July 21 the online casino giant finally decided to respond. However, your answer does not please everyone. Let’s see:

The Situation

It was necessary that Affiliate Guard Dog found out that 888 had changed its terms and conditions. The changes drastically affect the relationship between the Casino on Net operator and Casino Pacific Poker, and the affiliates with whom they have partnered, this has never been reported by 888.

Perhaps trying to hide the change, and certainly worrying and saddening its affiliates as a minimum, 888 did nothing more than send a simple email to its partners.

Changes in terms and conditions mainly include a change in fees. From around 40% profit sharing, webmasters will now be entitled to only 10% of commissions, if the requirement for a new customer per month is not met. In the words of J. Todd of APCW, this change “is on the verge of theft”.

The answer

As mentioned above, only on July 21, 888 did you deign to answer. In their response they mentioned that the changes will not be retroactive. However, this failed to calm many people in the industry.

Not only did past actions affect affiliates, but 888 also refused to put this clarification in writing. This, of course, was not convincing enough for webmasters, of whom a large part suspects that these changes are just danger controllers and not a change of course.

The Drop of Water, for Now

Players and webmasters agree that 888 operates some of the best websites on the market. Moreover, 888 proved last year that the company, and online gaming as a whole, is a viable business.

But there is clearly a fair way of doing business. And that fair form should also apply to the online gaming world. Currently, affiliates are not convinced that 888 has maintained these fair business practices.

To repair the loss of trust between affiliates and 888 there are a few things to keep in mind:

Websites like Affiliate Guard Dog did a good job of exposing the situation, and had good results. Websites like these are not the problem. With the exception of this case, we can say that in general, this is an honest industry. So we must ensure that it remains so, for all parties that are involved.

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